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The American Dental Association has established a series of recommendations to help you maintain a healthy mouth in the long term. Beyond twice daily brushing and nightly flossing, the ADA also recommends having a dental checkup and cleaning performed every six months.

Every dental checkup performed at Ortho*Dental, Inc. in Gallup, New Mexico starts with a thorough dental cleaning performed by one of the staff hygienists. This will remove any hardened tartar from your teeth. Through the course of the cleaning, they will also keep an eye out for overt signs cavities or gum disease. Once your teeth have been completely cleaned, the hygienist will perform a polishing treatment to remove minor surface stains from your smile.

Our dentist will then perform a thorough examination of your mouth. If he finds any signs of tooth decay or gum disease, he will present you with the applicable treatment options.

Your Ortho*Dental, Inc. dentist will then perform an oral cancer screening. This is a cursory examination of your mouth, neck, tongue, and throat to detect any early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. If a problem is detected, they will refer you to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.

If you live in Gallup, New Mexico and you’re due for your next dental checkup and cleaning, please call 505-863-8100 to schedule an appointment. Our team of experienced dentists, Dr. Joseph Wilson, Dr. Daniel Cowley, Dr. Brett Riche, Dr. Ryan Wilson, and Dr. Shankar Anandarajah look forward to your smile!