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Have you ever had sensitive teeth? Do you know anyone who has? If you have, you probably understand that having sensitive teeth is extremely unpleasant. For instance, you probably know that individuals with sensitive teeth are sometimes hesitant to smile because the air is too cold or are nervous about eating their favorite foods. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to avoid these problems.

Still, had you heard that sensitive teeth can actually be caused by a number of problems? For instance, if you’ve lost the outer layer of your teeth, the next layer of your teeth—the dentin—could be exposed. Unfortunately, there are several things that can damage your enamel. For instance, tooth decay, gum recession, and even using a hard toothbrush could impact your enamel.

Fortunately, there are several things you can consider doing to prevent the majority of these issues. For example, you should remember to brush and floss twice every day. You can also consider using desensitizing toothpaste, which can help you deal with sensitivity. However, please remember that you may need to wait six weeks to recognize any signs of improvement.

Still, there are a few foods you should stay away from, including lemons, apples, and pineapples, if you have sensitive teeth. Sugary or spicy foods can also aggravate your teeth. Hot or cold foods might also impact your pearly whites.

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