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The traditional braces installed in your mouth by Ortho*Dental, Inc.’s orthodontists represent a functional system capable of correcting your misaligned teeth. The metal brackets, wires and other orthodontic hardware components installed require routine adjustments. This will gradually stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in place.

Any cavities that develop near a braces component can alter the tension on your teeth thus complicating the realignment process. It could also increase the amount of time it takes to effectively correct the position of your teeth.

Brushing your teeth twice and flossing at least once each day is essential for maintaining good oral health. This daily routine is intended to remove bacterial deposits from your mouth become they can promote oral health problems.

If you are struggling to brush a specific area, you might want to try using a small interdental brush. They are often found in small packs in the oral care items aisle of most stores.

A simple floss threader might help you to insert the strand around wires and other hardware components. It can be very helpful for working around orthodontic wires to thoroughly clean away plaque and food particles from the gumline.

If you had braces installed in your mouth at Ortho*Dental, Inc.’s clinic in Gallup, New Mexico, and you have a problem with your braces, you can always call 505-863-8100 to speak to our orthodontists, Dr. Joseph Wilson or Dr. Daniel Cowley.