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When a child needs braces, they may be hesitant because they think braces aren’t cool. To help your child be more excited about braces, ask our orthodontists about WildSmiles in Gallup, New Mexico. With WildSmiles, your child can express themselves while straightening their smile because the brackets come in different shapes. WildSmiles brackets come in the following shapes: stars, hearts, sports balls, footballs, flowers, and diamonds.

Your child can let their personality shine while straightening their teeth with WildSmiles. They can mix and match shapes however they like. If your child has a choice about their braces, they will feel better about wearing them. WildSmiles and traditional braces work in the same way. They both use brackets and arch wires to straighten teeth and correct misaligned bites. WildSmiles are only different because the bracket, which is the part that connects to the tooth, is in a cool shape. WildSmiles meet government regulations and standards in quality, strength, quality, and aesthetics. They are made with the same materials as traditional braces. WildSmiles are made from stainless steel and are more comfortable than other aesthetic braces.

Because they work like traditional braces, anyone can use WildSmiles. We encourage you to contact Ortho*Dental, Inc. today for more information and to schedule an appointment with Drs. Wilson, Cowley, Riche, Wilson, and Anandarajah.