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If your teen has crowded teeth or a misaligned bite, they may be hesitant about wearing metal brackets and wires. Ask Drs. Wilson, Cowley, Riche, Wilson, and Anandarajah about Invisalign Teen® in Gallup, New Mexico. Invisalign Teen uses clear, comfortable aligners to allow your teen to straighten their teeth without interfering with the appearance of their smile.

Invisalign Teen aligners are nearly invisible and made of comfortable plastic. Most people will not even notice that your teen is straightening their smile. Your teen’s social life will not be affected and they will be able to smile with confidence. Those who wear traditional braces have food restrictions. They are not allowed to eat things like whole apples, popcorn, and gum. Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, so your teen can continue to eat their favorite foods. In addition to this, they can brush and floss normally. Those who wear traditional braces can find playing a sport or an instrument difficult. The metal brackets can easily cut the inside of their mouth during these activities. If your teen uses Invisalign Teen, they can participate in the activities that they love without the risk of cutting their lip on metal brackets.

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