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Ask the cold season comes and goes, you may experience up and downs in your health. However, to avoid any ups and downs in your oral health care, you should be continually cleaning your teeth and gums effectively every single day. Even if your oral health dips slightly while you are sick, you should still make an effort to do what you can to limit the effects of dental damage during cold and flu season.

Tradition cleaning utensils such as brushes and dental floss may be difficult to use when you are sick. This is due to a lack of energy. However, try switching to easier-to-operate tools such as water flossers or electric toothbrushes. This will conserve energy and allow you to continue to clean your teeth and gums.

Be aware that non-abrasive cleaning tools should be used when you’re sick. If you ever throw up, you may be putting your teeth at an additional risk of dental erosion. This is because harmful stomach acids can chew through your tooth enamel. Rather than brushing your teeth after throwing up, use mouthwash or another similar tool to clean out your mouth.

Exercise caution with any health care products such as lozenges and cough drops. Not only are they often heavily laden with sugars that can contribute to dental erosion, but they can often be hard and difficult to bite through. Never bite into these products as your teeth may be extra weak and can easily chip and crack.

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