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Wearing braces used to be seen as a cliché or rite of passage for teenagers who happened to have an imperfect smile. These days, more and more adults are interested in having Dr. install braces on their teeth to address a wide range of different issues.

For some people, braces might be needed to resolve unaddressed alignment issues, like under or overbites that were not adequately addressed when they were young. In addition to basic cosmetic improvements to your smile, braces can also help prevent chips and fractures that result from misaligned teeth and an improper bite pattern.

It’s also not uncommon for your jaw structure or for issues like gum disease to slightly modify the orientation of your teeth. Additionally, problems with tooth decay that resulted in extraction can also alter the alignment of the smile. The tooth loss can often cause the other teeth to turn and adjust their positions to partially fill the gap, which can result in significant complications.

If you have unaddressed alignment issues (like under or overbite problems), would like to cosmetically improve your smile, or would like to learn more about the benefits of braces in Gallup, New Mexico, you should call your orthodontist, Dr. , at 505-863-8100 to set up a consultation. Our Ortho*Dental, Inc. team looks forward to hearing from you!