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We’re all aware of how great a straight, perfect smile looks. But there are other benefits to a straight smile than just looks. That’s why Dr. and Associates at Ortho*Dental, Inc. in Gallup, New Mexico recommend you get braces. The health benefits will make your life so much easier down the road.

But how exactly does a straight smile make your teeth healthier? Well, let’s take a look at that.

Straight teeth are cleaner
The biggest difference between straight and crooked teeth is in how clean they are. Crooked teeth trap more debris, plaque, and germs. Since they create a lot of sharp angles, crooked teeth become the perfect hiding spot for all the things you don’t want in your mouth.

If your teeth are straight, it’s much easier to clean the plaque, debris, and other junk from between them.

Less risk of gum disease
Gum disease is a serious problem that’s only made worse with crooked teeth. Just as your straight teeth are better for tooth health, they’re better for your gums, too. Part of cleaning your teeth involves cleaning along your gum line. That’s a much easier activity with straight teeth.

We understand that getting straight teeth can seem daunting. But the time you spend in orthodontic treatment is worth every penny – for both your smile and your tooth health.

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