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Ideally, each of your teeth should meet with its partners in your dentition to maximize the relationship between the biting surface of each teeth. This is an important component of healthy oral function.

Unfortunately, the natural processes of aging and other environmental factors can cause minor deviations to develop in the alignment of your teeth. This is more likely to be an issue if you chose not to have a missing tooth restored, or you have suffered a dental trauma in the past.

Early on you might not even notice the problem. However, as time goes on, the excess wear and tear of dental attrition can deplete the tooth enamel on a non-occlusal surface or one or two of your teeth. Left untreated it can leave you at increased risk of suffering dental fractures, tooth sensitivity, and tooth decay complications.

If it’s caught early, Dr. might be able to treat any compromised teeth with dental fillings or a dental crown. To prevent this from recurring Dr. might recommend fitting you for some form of orthodontic braces.

With routine adjustments, all of the teeth in your dentition can be brought back into a healthy alignment to prevent further dental attrition problems. This might also have the net effect of providing you with a more attractive smile.

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