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As your son or daughter grows up, his or her complement of primary teeth will gradually be replaced by the thirty-two teeth that will need to serve them for the rest of their lives. This typically occurs over the course of many years, with teeth being lost in a different order, from front to back. Sometimes this process can cause two or more teeth to emerge too close to each other.

This kind of overcrowding can cause enamel attrition in the corresponding teeth in their bite pattern, as well as small dental fractures. If the teeth are visible in your child’s smile, it could also affect their self-esteem and leave her or she feeling self-conscious about their appearance.

One way to correct this problem is to have Dr. install braces in your child’s mouth at his Gallup, New Mexico clinic.

Once this is done your son or daughter will need to come back to see Dr. every four-to-six weeks, to have the braces adjusted and tightened. This will apply progressive tension to each tooth. This stretches the periodontal ligaments anchoring the teeth in their sockets to move them one step closer to a healthier alignment.

After the teeth have attained their ideal alignment, the braces hardware can be removed. However, they will still need to wear a retainer to help the adjusted teeth hold the new position. This will ensure that your teeth in place while any lingering tension in the periodontal ligaments gradually dissipates.

If you live in the Gallup, New Mexico area and your son or daughter is struggling with an overcrowding issue, you should call 505-863-8100 to schedule a braces consultation at Dr. ’s orthodontic clinic.