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Athletic activities can sometimes cause significant injury. This is even more of a concern when you practice and play in a contact sport. Athletes with braces should always wear a mouth guard when necessary. Even a minor blow to the face could cause significant damage to your braces or harm the soft tissues in your mouth.

Unfortunately, many of the mouth guards sold in stores tend to feel bulky, uncomfortable or impede breathing. This tempts some athletes to forgo using them consistently. This could prove to be a very serious error in judgment.

If your braces or mouth suffer significant trauma it could significantly increase the amount of time it takes to fully correct your teeth.

To help prevent this from happening, your Dr. can help fit you for a custom mouth guard at his orthodontic clinic in Gallup, New Mexico. This is a soft, durable plastic mouthpiece designed to match the contours of your teeth and braces. This will provide your mouth with maximum protection and the easy passage of air.

You will need to rinse the custom mouth guard after every use. It would also be helpful to brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste. When you’re not wearing it, the mouth guard should be kept in the case provided.

If you’ve had braces installed at Dr. ’s Gallup, New Mexico, orthodontic clinic and you’re interested in a custom mouth guard, you should call 505-863-8100 to schedule an appointment at Ortho*Dental, Inc..